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Renuity US leader in fast (1-day) home makeovers.  Quality assured with in-house designers & installers.  Full range of services: windows, doors, baths, showers, garages, storage, closets, kitchens.  They entrusted us to co-produce the application "Buildpro".

The Challenge

A mobile application update was requested for installers in the remodeling sector. The application needed to allow the visualization of a calendar with scheduled visits, job assignments linked to clients with their main data, and a time tracking system to account for the duration of the established tasks.

The Solution

We developed a highly functional mobile application that offers an intuitive interface for residential installers. The application includes a calendar to manage scheduled visits, job assignments linked to clients with their relevant details, and a time tracking system to improve efficiency in the execution of tasks.


We used modern mobile technologies such as React Native for the development of the application, which guarantees a fluid and consistent user experience on iOS and Android devices. In addition, we implemented Firebase for database management and user authentication, which provides security and scalability to our solution. 



App UX Design , App developmente for IOS & Android
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