Web and Mobile Platform to Optimize Airport Operations Processes
Improve Efficiency, Safety, and Productivity

Agione offers airline cargo handling services at thirteen US airports to fifty-five airlines. Schedules for warehouse and ramp operations are continuously modified to accommodate flight operations. We were honored to be entrusted with the development of a custom operational management software, reflecting the trust in our abilities.

The Challenge

The company approached us with a request to develop a comprehensive software solution for streamlined airport operations management. They aimed to cover a spectrum of needs ranging from flight organization to ramp services coordination and security monitoring.

The Solution 

We improved their existing, outdated software to meet their specific needs. Our development included creating an interactive user interface with seamless transitions and animations. We designed the application as a single-page web app (SPA) with responsive UIs for various screen sizes. Using Vue.js, we organized code and UI with reusable components, ensuring easy sharing across projects. We implemented Vue Router for navigation between different views and routes. Our testing strategy involved unit tests for Vue.js components and integration testing with tools like Cypress or Puppeteer. Additionally, we optimized the application for search engines by implementing relevant metadata and crawler-friendly content, enhancing visibility and accessibility.


We modernized their outdated software using Python and JavaScript languages, along with tailored databases. Vue.js powered our frontend, enabling reactive data binding and efficient state management. Axios facilitated RESTful API consumption for smooth data exchange and robust user authentication. Third-party components enhanced functionality, while our focus on data manipulation ensured efficient handling of critical airport operations data. Meticulous API integration and scalable architecture design ensured our solution met evolving airport industry needs, delivering a seamless user experience.





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